Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Malavika n

In Malavika’s world every object has ears and must be spoken to. As a child, when she ran out of an audience to listen to what she had to say, she would do the next best thing – talk to plants, curtains and chairs.

It was only fitting then that she turned to a profession that allowed her to talk, talk and talk some more – much to the relief of her parents who were beginning to worry about her conversations WITH the living room furniture.

Her energy cannot be contained, her excitement usually knows no bounds, food is usually on her mind, singing comes naturally and laughter is her strongest weapon! Oh.. And if you see her bumping into things and then apologizing to them – check the time -It’s probably post 3 pm -her mad-moment sleep zone.



NAME: Malavika

SHOW: Breakfast No 1
Sun-Thu from 6-10am

KNEW YOU WERE MAD ENOUGH TO BE ON CITY1016 WHEN: I got a tattoo live on air – with the noise of the tattoo gun in the background, the screaming, the hysterics all going live on air. Great fun!

SECRET CHILDHOOD AMBITION-TOO-EMBARRASSING-TO-ADMIT: I wanted to be a train-food-vendor! I had a simple logic. Feed people = keep everyone happy. Steal food = keep myself happy. Walk up and down a train all day = good way to see the world. I have no idea why I didn’t think of being cabin crew instead! It would have been a cooler answer na?

WANTED TO MARRY: Everyone! It began with Aamir Khan at the age of 2, when QSQT released and hasn’t ended. The latest is one of the boys from Spain’s football team. Anyone will do, I’m not picky.

IF YOU COULD YOU WOULD: Make it rain everyday of the year in every country on this planet

A DATE WITH HIMESH RESHAMMIYA OR MOVIE WITH TUSHAR KAPOOR: Tushar Kapoor.  At least I can stuff his face with popcorn and get him to shut up! As long as it’s not one of his films!

TWITTER OR FACEBOOK: Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb all the way!

IF YOU WERE A SUPERHERO YOUR POWERS WOULD BE: To be thin forever, to be able to make food appear anywhere, everywhere and to be able to make it rain

FAVOURITE SPORT: RUGBY! I know nothing about the sport but the boys have really big shoulders… Hubba hubba, growl growl, woof!

GYM OR DIET: Gym! Swim! Kickbox! Yoga! Skip! RPM! Weights! I’ve tried them all…Once… but it counts for something!

DESSERT YOU WOULD HIDE FROM OTHERS AND EAT ALONE: Carrot cake… actually carrot cupcakes!

THE THING ABOUT LOVE IS: That it’s like getting on a rollercoaster at a crazy theme park. You get on with a smile, you get off throwing up and sick and giddy, but somewhere inside, you know you’d do the whole thing again!

THE WORLD IS NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR YOU AND: All the love in my heart (wah! Wah! What a Miss World answer)

A SONG YOU OFTEN SING IN THE SHOWER: There is no song I DON’T sing .  There is no PLACE I DON’T SING. I sing like I get paid to! – Laaaalala lalalllalalaa (imagine Malavika singing Liril theme song)

TELL US A SECRET: I go to bed every night with one small stuffed tiger, one blue donkey and one white teddy bear. Did my hotness index just drop to Minus 30? Nooo!