Love It Recommend It | Etihad Museum

This week on Love It Recommend It …we take a look at Etihad Museum, which is right next to the Union House – the place where the Constitution was signed by the founding Fathers for the formation of the United Arab Emirates.
It relives the day, the story, the events which lead to the formation of the Country as we know it today, and it tell the tale in the most Advanced technological environment ever – Matrix and Minority reports types.

Where is it : On the T junction of 2nd December Street and Jumeirah Beach road.
Is there an entry ticket: AED25 for adults, AED20 for children
Whats on display : the Story of the formation of The UAE

The replica of the constitution signed by the 6 founding fathers (Ras Al Khaimah joined in later)
personal belongings from the different kings and Sheikhs of the all emirates – right from their passports to their glasses to watches to the personal guns.

The currency which was used before the Dirham Existed – yup there were Saudi Riyals, Omani Riyals and Indian Rupees and Paisa.

Also they have a exhibition of the stamps on display where you can see the handmade blueprint of the first postage stamp ever made for the king of Sharjah.

Does it have parking : Yes

Definitely a place where history is combined with technology to tell you a story like.






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