TedX: Ignite the world with Feminism with Lokesh Dharmani

It breaks my heart when women introduce themselves as ‘just a housewife’ when asked what they do. They have internalized it so much that all the work they do at home is now reduced to ‘just a housewife.’ We are alive only because of these ‘just housewives.’

It boils my blood when we men sit on high horses, marinating in our pseudo-progressive mediocrity, smiling behind a smug smile, ‘I don’t have a problem if my wife/mother/daughter works.’ Sorry, wait. Who are we? Some boon to humanity that we could have a problem??

It saddens me that #feminism has gained such negative baggage off late.

I chose to speak about it in my first #tedX talk for all selfish reasons. Gender equality as feminism is rightly defined, leads to happier families, stronger economies, and a more balanced world.

And no I am not a ‘proud’ #feminist as most people have called me today listening to my speech. There is no pride in things that are so natural. Like there is no pride in breathing, feminism is as natural as that. Everyone should be a feminist. Now please watch my thoughts at Ted x at Manipal University Dubai.

-Lokesh Dharmani





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