Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Mango Sabzi

Not too many people try mango sabzi. It's a typical old Delhi dish where humble restaurants in Chandni Chowk still sell it

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Sai bhaji pulao

Sindhis love Sai Bhaji Pulao! My friends come to my place only when I cook this for them!! Simplest recipe ever.

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Besan ki tikki

Loki's kitchen gets a bit emotional today. My nani used to make besan ki tikki ki sabzi and we all would huddle on a mat and relish every bite of it!!

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Dahi Kebabs

Dahi Kebabs are the trickiest to make because the soft hung curd keeps crumbling when fried in oil. But if you gently handle the kebabs and use enough maida and bread crumbs for a thick costing, they turn out all crisp and crunchy! Try them. It's very simple!!

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