Lokesh meets Ranbir and Deepika for Tamasha

It was Diwali, Deepika Wali for me.

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Yes my boss is the sweetest, she must have asked me a hundred times if I wanted to fly to Mumbai on Diwali and interview the star cast of Tamasha. Since my mom is not in Dubai and it would give me a chance to shoot some breeze with my cousins and friends in Bombay, I said yes to travel during the festival. And what an amazing trip it turned out to be.

Mumbai was decked up with lights. I went shopping in Lokhandwala and the entire street was lit up. It felt so nice. There were cozy street shops selling diyas and it just felt so amazing.



Our friends at UTV are simply superb. Big shout out to Richa, Kanan and Daniel. Thanks for making this trip so amazing.

The interview was scheduled at Mehboob studios at 7 pm. I was given my own vanity van. Yep I felt like a star myself. I missed my mom. She should have been around to demand like a star mom; “Baba ke liye juice lao.”

And then the moment of truth arrived. Time to meet the superstars. The moment I entered the room, Ranbir commented, “Hey cool outfit dude.” Both Deepika and Ranbir were very sweet. They made sure I was at ease. Deepika commented on my dimples, ‘Sweet dimples he has got.” She said to Ranbir and I just thanked both of them and started the interview.



Ranbir is one of the most confident actors of our times. In fact practically everyone on Koffee with Karan, from Madhuri Dixit to Alia Bhatt, has admitted that they are big Ranbir Kapoor fans. Aamir Khan even went on to say he felt jealous that Ranbir got a film like Barfi and that he was so amazing in it. I really hope Tamasha is that big hit that has been eluding him all this while.

Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous as always. The new sense of comfort and confidence that only success lends you is so evident. She is warm, fun and so professional. I have to admit, I went black a couple of times, just looking at her.

Catch the interview here and fun 20 questions that I asked them both!!






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