The Last Exit | Love It Recommend It

We checked out the latest in the food truck craze to hit Dubai-  Last Exit!  

It is located at Interchange 11, about a half hour away from Dubai, and literally the last exit before you enter Dubai. It is an awesome pitstop for a quick bite of delicious and fresh street food!

We got there and went straight to get some chai to recharge our batteries. They also have convenient cellphone charging stations so our phones can refuel as well! 😉







The chicken hotdogs were delicious and the burgers were also very good. There are multiple options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. So Sid and I both had enough to stuff our faces and we had a totally enjoyable drive to Last Exit.

And of course, being the crazy duo we are, we had a lot of fun fooling around with the stuff they had on display and playing songs on their awesome retro jukebox and playing pinball from an actual pinball machine!

So, here’s our list of the things we Love and Recommend at Last Exit!

  1. The TOILETS. EPIC. JUST EPIC design. You step on an accelerator for the water and the basins are tyres. Just SO SO SO SO SO cool.
  1. The Toilets
  1. The Toilets
  1. The Juke Box and Pinball machines! – This is such a nice retro addition to the whole set up! and Game of Thrones Fans. You will LOVE the pin ball machine.
  1. The fact that they have recharging stations for laptops, tablets and phones. For those days when you forgot to carry your charger and your battery back and everyone at home is worried and you need to call and say “Hey! I m on the way 🙂 “
  1. The FOOD! Complete with a grassy patch to sit on while you chomp on your burger 🙂

Great for: Everybody!
Cost: Depends on how much you want to eat! But it’s not pricey. 50 AED will buy you a full meal….  Good street food with an awesome vibe.





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