Lamhe completes 25 years

I still remember I was in school at the time when this film released. I watched it with my family. I still have vivid memories of me mounting that LML Vespa with my sister and my parents and how we zipped through Delhi November wintry air. And it got really cold at night when we were coming back so dad and mom decided to buy me a new jacket on our way back so that I didn’t freeze to death standing in the front of our little scooter. Such memories!!

Here’re five things about Lamhe you might not know. Hope you like them-

  1. The idea of making Lamhe came to Mr. Chopra when he was making Silsila in 1981. Since it was indeed a bold love story for Indian standards, Mr. Chopra wanted a hit to his credit before he made Lamhe. And then Chandani happened, the hit he was looking for. After the release of Chandani, he was ready to gamble with Lamhe.
  2. Lamhe was one of those rare films that brought folk sounds into the mainstream music scene. Who can forget Morni and Megha re Megha from Lamhe!? What’s more beautiful is that they retained the original folk songs in Ila Arun’s voice and explained them in Lata ji’s voice. How incredible!!
  3. There is one scene where Sri Devi has applied a face mask and is having fun with Waheeda ji. Do you know Sri Devi was going through a personal tragedy when she was shooting that scene? It never comes across only because she is that amazing an actor.
  4. Yash ji wanted to cast a new actor for Anil Kapoor’s role. There was a certain look that Yash ji wanted for this role, someone who looked ten years younger to Sri Devi. When Anil Kapoor learnt that he shaved his moustache off and sent pictures to Honey Irani, the writer of the film and Yash ji was so impressed with his gesture that he signed him on.
  5. The costumes were so gorgeous in the film that it won the National Award in the costume department!!-Lokesh Dharmani


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