Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Keeping Up With Karishma – Missing In Action

This week Karishma Fernandez, co-host of Drive Master GoGo, talks about the kinds of comments that she gets when people miss a few of her videos. More importantly, here is how she tackles those comments! Watch more Keeping Up With Karishma videos at

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Keeping Up With Karishma – Accessories

City 1016’s Karishma shows you incriminating evidence that her accessories are all working against her! LOL! This week, take a look at every girl’s troubles with earrings, rings, necklaces and the rest! ​

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Karishma’s Back! – Keeping Up With Karishma

This week we saw children going back to school, and here at City1016, Karishma is back to work (Finally!) What we’re excited about is that along with the co-host of Drive Master GoGo coming back, her vlog “Keeping Up With Karishma” is here again! Check out what happens every morning ...

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Graphic Eyeliner Made Easy – Keeping Up With Karishma

Karishma shows you how you could look hotter than the sun this summer!! Graphic eyeliner made easy in this video tutorial. You’ve seen models flaunt graphic eyeliners on magazine covers – now it’s your turn to try it on! Get fashionable on Keeping Up With Karishma.

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