Keeping Up With Karishma


A laughter-noon on Keeping Up With Karishma

Join City1016’s Tarun, Govind, Sujit and Karishma as they share some laughs over a wonderful Iftar 🙂 there’s nothing like a good time with friends!! Catch Karishma and Tarun on Drive Master GoGo, 5pm to 9pm on City1016.     Read More

How Rakhi Sawant Thinks – Keeping Up With Karishma

Its been a week full of interesting news stories and an even more interesting press conference held by Rakhi Sawant. Made us wonder what Ms Sawant must have to say about all the other news stories floating around. After all, Keeping Up With Karishma is all about the reactions 🙂     Read More

Keeping Up With Karishma Timelapse

Keeping Up With Karishma is honest. And let’s be honest, it takes alot of people, a lot of time and a lot of skill to create the kind of perfection you see on TV. Or on the big screen. So today, we show what it takes to create that ‘Salaam Namaste UAE’ look that Karishma […]     Read More
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