love it recommend itLove it, Recommend it this week takes you driving to the Indoor Kartdrome in Dubai Motorcity! If you are tired of the heat and have no travel plans this summer – we highly recommend you try this!

This week, since Sid was missing in action, we decided to get our in house Karting champion Tarun, to join the party. We drove to indoor Kartdrome no more than 10 minutes from work!

We meet David – a race champion himself, who after a briefing and some impressive Hindi lines, puts us in 2 little red karts and sets us off on a challenge. Since Malavika is clearly a bad driver and Tarun a star at this, we thought we’d tweak the challenge a bit. Tarun has to do a lap is less than HALF the time Malavika takes. Can he? You’ll have to watch to find out.


 Want to try this for yourself? Have questions? Let us answer them for you!

Is it safe? Especially for kids?

Oh yes! Definitely. In fact they even have kiddy carts for the babies to try! Also, with a fire retardant suit, a helmet, gloves and a baklava – let’s just say it’s safer than driving on Shiekh Zayed Road.

Is it expensive?

It costs about a 115 AED for the first 15 minutes. Free parking and about a 100 aed for every 15 minutes after that!

Fun? Tough?

Definitely. We promise you’ll be screaming like a 6 year old if you are a first timer and soon you’ll know the curves and bends as well as the lyrics of Chammak Challo! It is as challenging as you would like it to be!


What do we need to carry?

Wear closed shoes and pants and they will take care of the rest of the gear. Carry your competitive spirit in your back pocket. Never know when you need it!

We love it and recommend it!


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