Thursday, November 26, 2015


Karishma n

‘Karishma a.k.a  THE SATAAK QUEEN is the one who will cut you down to size, and before you can say ‘sarcasm’ she has sped off in the opposite direction towards other unsuspecting souls. Of course the ‘I’m-sorry-reward’ comes in the next day and it’s usually cupcakes!

Karishma ka Karishma yeh hai ki hanstey hanstey (laughing laughing) she will make her point, you’ll agree with it… And you won’t even know it!

She is the busiest member of the team. Buzzing from left to right, if you do want Karishma’s attention, you need to throw in a few key words – Farhan Akhtar! Farhan Akhtar in the shower!

Farhan Akhtar junkie, Karishma believes actor-director’s going to come rescue her some day, hopefully before he loses his hair, voice and abs. Post that, Ranbir will do! It is ‘the’ actor-director.


NAME: Karishma Fernandez

SHOW: Bend It Like City
Sun-Thu, from 10am-1pm

KNEW YOU WERE MAD ENOUGH TO BE ON CITY1016 WHEN: People stopped inviting me to their babies’ christening parties for fear of me taking over the mic.

SECRET CHILDHOOD AMBITION-TOO-EMBARRSSED-TO-ADMIT: Hey, I’ve gone door to door selling subscriptions to a newspaper. I don’t get embarrassed easily.

WANTED TO MARRY:  Aamir Khan. Still do.

IF YOU COULD YOU WOULD: Cure the world of snoring – beginning with my dad.

A DATE WITH HIMESH RESHAMMIYA OR A MOVIE WITH TUSHAR KAPOOR: Let’s see, a shot to the head… or two in the bottom? Thanks, but no thanks.

TWITTER OR FACEBOOK: Facebook. Twitter is too much pressure, what if nobody follows me? Nahin, nahin, main yeh bardaasht nahin kar paaungi.

IF YOU WERE A SUPERHERO YOUR POWER WOULD BE: Being able to spin webs. Oh wait, that’s taken. Change into a green mean fighting machine when my nerves are hardpressed…but that’s taken too… maybe I’ll be the supergirl that grants these superhero types their powers. And if they try to take over my thing, I’ll turn them into sherwani-wearing Dronas.

keeping up with karishma

FAVOURITE SPORT: Bending it, like City.

GYM OR DIET: What for? Bulges are curves too.


THE THING ABOUT LOVE IS: It’s a great backdrop to hear romantic songs in. Otherwise “Love mera hit hit…” just doesn’t make any sense.

THE WORLD IS NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR YOU AND: Girls with natural glow on their faces.  Who else would I dislike so dramatically? It’s a natural glow.

A SONG YOU OFTEN SING IN THE SHOWER: I actually don’t sing in the shower. But if I had to replace soap with a song, then that would be ‘Haldi aur chandan ke gun samaaye santoor…’

TELL US A SECRET: My friend’s sister is pregnant!