Love It Recommend It | Jumble

This week we went to Jumble on Love it recommend it.

You have seen it! That huge building on Sheikh Zayed Road, the one before Mall of the Emirates?

Now how do we describe it to you?
Ever been to an escape room? Over 100 hundred puzzles and what seems like an unending network of rooms and puzzles – that challenge you – both mentally and physically.

We took 2 hours out to do this and it wasn’t enough… We could have spent an entire DAY there!

Here’s how it works:
1. You get to the reception, pay and sign in.
2. You are briefed on the entire experience by a team of experts.
3. You can choose a room to start in – any room. Lose the challenge and you have to exit. Solve it and it leads you to a room in a room.
4. Good part is, if you lose the challenge you can try t again. and again and again, and again until you solve it…. or you could move on to the next one.

Ideal for team building – it allows you to sign in as teams of anywhere between 3 and 6.

We’d choose it for a day in summer when you get out of work early, a party or celebration of some sort and DEFINITELY as something to try with a work team as team building.

Even as full grown adults, we found it quite challenging, so I would not say it’s a “kids birthday party” kind of activity, but definitely something you can try with the teenagers!

Watch the video to find out more and log onto – we hear they have some great Ramadaan deals on!




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