Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sid, Malavika go Jetpacking


Mall walking is so last season. We recommend you try something new with your weekends. How about a jet pack!? What, you ask?

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So, what is jet packing?
Jet packs are powered backpacks. They are attached to jet skis. The more the jet ski revs its engine, the more power the jet pack gets.

You strap them onto your back, walk into the sea and use the angles of the handle bars to dictate how high and which way you go.

Is it easy?
No it isn’t. To be honest it took us nearly an hour to get our feet above the water and yes, you DO need to know how to swim.
Having said that, we would try it again and again and again till we perfect it, just because it is SUCH a kick!

This is not advisable for young children and you do need to be reasonably fit to get this right!

Where, when and how much?
You can find all the details you need on We spoke to Samir and Zizou and they can be reached on +971 44483332. They are lovely.

Also, they charge 600 AED for half an hour.




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