JDJ | A new experience for Himanshu

One more trip, one more lucky listener to one more set in Mumbai. A big thanks going out to Colors ME for this one.

This time Parikshit flew down with Himanshu – an extremely tall gentleman and a die-hard Jacqueline fan to Mumbai on the sets of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa.

It was a reality behind a reality show experience. Right from the spot boys, producers, directors, make up dada to celebrity judges and contestants. Himanshu experienced it all.

Here are the pictures


When we all were confused about which camera to look at, we had at least 5 cameras, one of them was Jacquline’s snapchat. Yes we got featured on that as well. It was the New Year’s episode and it will have a huge surprise for you. You are going to love it.



Watching a show being made is different from watching a show on TV. There’s a lot that goes behind it. A 20 minutes episode takes an entire day, 20 minutes of work goes behind every two minutes act. Right from cleaning the stage to preparing the stage for the next act. These are the real celebrities of a show, the ones that remain behind the cameras. Speaking of celebrities, Karan Johar with our lucky listener Himanshu and Parikshit.


Jacqueline is the most bubbly, happy go lucky girl on the sets, contrary to the popular belief Karan Johar is the more serious kinds, mostly on his phone (producer/director sahab) and Farah Khan is the real mum on the sets. She shares her dabba with the fellow judges, corrects people and absolutely friendly to the studio audience. This picture with her was the easiest to get. I just had to tell Farah that we were from City1016 and she said – Areey Waah, yaha tak aaye ho to ek selfie bhi le lo.

A bigggg thank you going out to our friends at Colors TV Me for making this really memorable for Himanshu. Stay tuned to City1016 to win more trips like these.



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