Love it Recommend it | Dubai Garden Glow’s Ice Park

This week on Love It  Recommend It – we went to the coolest place in Dubai, no really!

The Ice Park, the latest addition to Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park is constantly maintained at about -11 degrees Celcius.
A large container like space in the middle of Zabeel Park, it houses 5000 tons of ice sculpted by 150 plus artisans from around the world into iconic ‘UAE-ee’ structures.
In here you will find a couple of camels, a cactus, Burj Al Arab, an Emirates Airlines Plane, an igloo and even the Burj Khalifa!


Things you should know before going:
1. Wear PANTS. They do give you big orange jackets to fight the cold though…
2. It IS COLD. No doubt about it… We lasted about 20  minutes before our hands went numb

  1. It costs 40 extra dirhams over and above the 60 dirhams Dubai Garden Glow entrance fee.
  2. Take your cameras in, you will want to take pictures inside!

Great for:
– Kids, adults and teens alike

  • A quick way to fill an evening with activity when guests are visiting from India or Pakistan
    – Entertainment when you don’t want to drive too far, it is in the neighborhood!

Basically, we love it and we recommend it!



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