Friday, July 28, 2017

Hot Air Ballooning with Malavika & Sid


Ever tried a hot air balloon ride? Wake up before the rest of Dubai and this is the view you will enjoy! Here’s our non-mall-walking-thing-to-do this week! All on Love It Recommend It with Sid and Malavika

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So, what is a hot air balloon?
It’s a big balloon. A very big balloon. With a raging fire in the middle. There is a basket under the balloon that you and 19 other people share on a busy morning. The ride is an easy, calming, early morning experience.

Is it easy?
Absolutely. In fact you can take younger fans too! You just have to climb into the basket and out of it, so keep that in mind when you pick your guests.

Also, it’s a bit cold and an early morning so be aware of that!

Where, when and how much?
You can find all the details you need on We spoke to Pilot Mike. He is awesome and full of stories. Also, they charge 995 AED per head for a hour-2 hour experience.

They also do tailor made rides in case you need it for a special occasion…. Like a proposal maybe!!

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