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HONG KONG – Your perfect Eid getaway.

Fun Fact – This is the only place on earth that can be pronounced without moving your tongue and lips.



It was New Year’s Eve and I wanted to bring the year 2016 in a new country and different time zone. I cannot believe it’s almost 2017, time flies. I was looking for a place where there is no Visa hassle. A friend of mine suggested Thailand. I deleted his contact and we’re not friends anymore. Just in case if you’re looking for a place for your last minute Eid getaway and don’t mind shedding a few extra dirhams then Hong Kong is your best bet. This city of 7 Million people is on the South China Sea coast. It’s colourful, diverse and a place where the East meets West seamlessly.

Since I was there to celebrate the NYE you will be hearing a lot about LKF (A party street) in this blog.





Global Passport –

In this segment, I tell you all about the Visa formalities. Honk Kong has Visa on arrival and it’s free. You will get a visa on arrival only for 14 days and your passport should be valid for at least one month beyond your intended departure date from HK.


Tickets and Wanderlust –

If you’re wander lusting for Hong Kong, then the tickets would cost you about AED 2900 direct (Emirates) and it’s a 7 hour and 45 minutes’ flight. If you have enough time, then with one stop minimum the tickets would cost you about AED2500.

These are Eid prices, book as soon as possible.

The currency in Hong Kong is HK Dollar and for 1 Dirham you will get 2.11 HKD (Subject to change)

Street HK_edited

Backpack and Stories –

It was 31st December and we were partying since we woke up. It was our third night in a row at Lan Kwai Fong popularly known as LKF, also your one stop shop for all your party needs. It has the best pubs, best nightclubs and the best everything in terms of partying and having a good time.

Here’s a video of the NYE countdown –

We continued partying at different places and by 2 am we were on the streets with thousand others. Imagine a narrow street with thousands and thousands of people partying together on one occasion. While I was dancing and making random people dance with me I saw this bald person walking towards me – Bright shiny eyes, calm body language, wrinkles on his forehead, he looked like a monk and guess what? He was a monk. He stood right in front of me, greeted me and gently rubbed my forehead. By this time everyone around me went silent. He took a necklace out from his pocket and wrapped it around my neck. I was trying to figure out what exactly was happening before I could do that he greeted me again and left with this laughing Buddha which is now my lucky charm.


Been there done that –

DimDimSum – No matter where you’re staying in Honk Kong you have to come to this authentic Chinese Restaurant. This is not only a tourist attraction but also locals love this place. After all, it is in the list of top 101 places to eat in the world. I met this lady called Lisa and here’s a game – Guess her age. I will tell you the answer at the end of this blog. Don’t scroll down, remember I have a tracking machine in this blog, if you cheat – The device you’re reading this blog on will self-destruct.

She saw me struggling to eat rice with chopsticks. “I will teach you son” – She said, with a 440 Volt smile on her face. She taught me the traditional way to eat rice with chopsticks. We got talking and she said something I still can’t believe. She has a 40-year-old daughter and she retired in 1997. Guess her age?


I thanked her with her favourite dessert which according to her was very tasty and traditional and I thought it was too healthy for a dessert.



Take a day trip to Macau – If you always wanted to go to Vegas but you couldn’t because of whatever reasons then take a ferry to Macau, stay there for a night or take a day trip. Casinos, parties, special shows and huge hotels. Pamper yourself or feel bad about being single like me in this picture.

Forever Alone_edited


PARTY AT LAN KWAI FONG!! – The reason why I am writing this in all caps is because this is a must. This is a place with a lot of drinking games. Party all night, meet a lot of people and make new friends.




If you’re having a family outing you should totally go to the Disneyland, the Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, Lantau Island, Ngong Ping 360, Tiang Ting Buddha, Po Lin Monastery and hundred other things. Hong Kong has everything for your kind of travel malls, history, partying, monasteries, museums, parks and a gazillion other things. Explore Hong Kong the way you want to. Have a great time.

Now it’s time to reveal Lisa’s age – She was in her late 70’s. Incredible! 

Safe Travels!

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