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A small red door in Times Square Centre leads you to this land of adventure. Sid and I stood outside and I knew he was thinking what I was thinking…

Bus? Itna sa? It seems like it will be some solve-a-crossword type place. We were SO wrong.

Hint Hunt is based on this idea. YOU can be Sherlock and Watson. You can be Byomkesh Bakshi. You can be Dick Tracey in a 1940’s style detective room.

This is the best way to explain it to you.

hint hunt

Step 1: Enter and be introduced to your Game Master.
Step 2: Pay up, put away your phones and bags and listen carefully.
Step 3: The Game Master, ours was Roop – will tell you all you need to know about the rules of the game.
Goes something like this – You have 60 minutes and you are left in a room which looks like a detectives office. You have to decode the place and find the key to exit the room. To find the key you must find the killer, to find the killer you must look everywhere.

No, there are no scary people waiting in boxes to jump at you.
No, it’s not a real killer, waiting behind a door.
It’s all very Sherlock-y . Find the number, look in boxes, unlock codes, that kind of stuff.

Every once in a while you get a TV SCREEN (So big boss 9 no?) giving you clues to what you should look for next.

Honestly – we have NO idea where the 60 minutes went.

Sid, Vinit (our listener-guest) and I finished the game in 58 minutes and uff. They were stressful. But so much fun!


You leave feeling really good. Challenged and victorious. If you like lateral thinking – you’ll love this.

The Review: We give it a 5 on 5!

Hint Hunt – we left with a big smile on our faces and a kind of ‘Just-won-a-cricket-match’ feeling in our hearts…. And that lasted the whole day!

How much does it cost?
It costs between 110 and 130 aed depending on how many people in a group and when you book.  Much more worth it than a movie and an expensive lunch. It’s team work at another level.

What are the must knows?
You have to be on time
You need to make a booking
Be prepared to keep your phone away for an hour
Take people you like – you are stuck in there for an hour.

Great for
Adult Birthday party
Proposals (Yes, some one did it )
Fun afternoons with people you like!

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