Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Healthy You, Healthy Me, Healthy UAE

For better health I started buying candy at home instead of chocolates for my kids so that I don't get tempted - Manju Mathew | The healthy thing I did is started eating dates on the morning heard it's good for health - Aasif | I have started carrying a water bottle around campus - nisha | Went cycling at dubai autodrome last nite - Naqiya | Last night I 5km walking in jumera beach - Aman Ullah | I was doing..threadmill 40-45 mins daily..but since yesterday i started morning walk 30 mins + 40 mins gym(Threadmill)...healthy watermelon juice now n then salad for lunch,,thankyou for positive motivation to stay healthy. Love you -1016 team - amisha | Went down 14 floors as the lift was not working. - Saba | I bunked work and met my boyfriend for lunch. dil ko khush rakhna bhi healthy hota hai. - Kinjal | Had my healthy daily smoothie as usual, had my one green tea so far and done my exercises in between breaks at office. - Liz | I had a morning walk 6 km. - Qamar |


We at City1016, aim to be healthiest team in the UAE. We want to create awareness about the importance of being healthy, so that you can feel good about yourselves.

Our aim

  1. We want you to make a commitment on how you want to become healthy
  2. We hope to inspire you to be able to make the change

Join us as we get started on this journey of good health. Follow the life of each one of us as we get healthier over the next few months…with you!


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