Healthy Tia

Healthy recipe for a yummy salad! Ahem… namak swaad anusaar.. Kidding! NO NAMAK!

Our every day lives are becoming more and more hectic and busy. That's perhaps the biggest part of the problem we face to be healthy every day. Time kahaan hai???? More importantly, inclination kahaan hai??? No time means more fast food, more instant food, more fried food and less focus on what we eat and how we cook it. So I thought I'd share with you a simple salad recipe that wont take too much time and will perhaps bail you out when you've come home late from work and still want to eat healthy. P.s.: Its inspired by my sister in law's salad recipe. Can't take complete credit for this one. What you need: 1) Rocket leaves, 2) Honey mustard dressing (I make my own, else readily available in the supermarket) 3) Pomegranate seeds. 4) Feta cheese. 5) If you can't do without non veg, throw in a boiled protein of your choice. Toss it all together and serve!!! Everyone in my house absolutely LOVED it and I got my husband to have greens :)))))) You can have bowl fulls of this or have it with grilled chicken or salmon. Remember eating/cooking healthy need not be a herculean task!HEALTHY TIA HOMEMADE SALAD

Hit the beach, before it gets too cold!!!!!

It's that time of the year, when all of us collectively stop moaning and belly aching about the weather and actually start talking about how great it is!!!!! Its still not THAT cold yet which means, afternoon water sports or walks/jogs on the beach are still a great possibility... Also, a great way to get your quota of fitness for the weekend. I highly recommend kicking off your shoes, grabbing your kids and heading down to the beach in the afternoons for a nice outing for the entire family that can benefit both the body and the soul!HEALTHY TIA BEACH


Every year on my birthday my Husband buys me something pretty, sparkly and definitely stylish. This year he surprised me with something.... wait for it........ HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!! A cycle 🙂 🙂 🙂 After much deliberation with my best friend, Malavika - who also cycles all the way to my house most evenings, he decided on going with something that'll add something to my life that's fun, healthy and nostalgic :)))))) I used to love cycling as a child and its something that the area I live in really lends itself to. There are tracks and I've been watching people cycle in the good weather, reminiscing about MY cycling days! So he did it (Maybe all the rambling worked!) I have a shiny new cycle and when I first got on it, I really thought I had forgotten it all. I couldn't hold the handle bars too steady (I blamed it on alignment), I felt the chain had come off (I blamed it on the light weight of the cycle) and I felt the brakes were too slow (Some oiling needed to be done perhaps??) After a stern talking to by my husband, Rahul and pointing out that it was  NEW cycle and nothing was wrong with it, I put my faith in my instincts and.... TOOK OFF!! Turns out, I haven't forgotten how to ride, I didn't fall and the feeling of utter freedom is still remarkable! When was the last time you tried something for the first time after agessss????? HEALTHY CYCLE 2

Eating out often??? Try this!

Since my mom is visiting my brother and I, from India, we end up eating out a LOT! Its perfectly fine when you're on a vacation but what do you do when YOU are trying to eat healthy? I scanned the menu the other day feeling a mix of guilt and yummy anticipation (I actually love eating out!) My heart said burger, and why not? Then I remembered what I had eaten the previous day and in fact the whole week - pasta, Chinese food (WITH fried rice) and loads of mithai and other deserts (Diwali!) So I did the right thing. I HAD indulged myself enough and it was time to get back on track and balance things out, hence I ordered...... Tom Yum Soup! Light, refreshing, loads of (non-fried) prawns and wholesome goodness and yumminess! Only YOU can find the balance, only YOU will be able to tell yourself, "stop, you've had enough", only YOU are responsible for your health! I hope you too can find the balance when you MOST need to!HEALTHY SOUP

Thank you for being on our team!!!!!

On City 1016, we give away loads of prizes everyday and we are very fortunate to have listeners that always show us their love and appreciation. When we started the campaign, someone jokingly said in one of our meetings, "When listeners start bringing us fruits instead of chocolates and cakes, then we know we have been successful". It actually happened yesterday!!! One of our lucky listeners Joseph came to our office to collect a prize with a basket of fruits!!! He said, "City 1016 Healthy You Healthy Me Healthy UAE has inspired me". We. loved. It! Our journey is long and we don't plan on stopping. We LOVE that you have joined us in being healthy and thinking more seriously about your health. THANK YOU!!!!!!! HEALTHY TIA FRUIT BASKET


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