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True Calling!!

True Calling... Tring Tring!! Hi True, how are you doing? If true was a person, I sincerely hope that it does not tell lies, if it did, that would just be so wrong. Find what you really love doing, find your true calling, is it work out in the gym, is it walking, is it eating healthy, is it playing indoor sports, is it playing outdoor sports, is it cycling, swimming, running, skating, try them all, get bored of them all, one day... you will find something that you will hold on to. Its a process! I have tried all of these and I must say I like them all, I still have not gotten bored but there is something about skiing which is a tad more special and exciting. I love adventure sports, trust me I have hurst myself a lot while trying them, but there is that charm to the pain. Find something that makes you think about pain like that, let your body truly embrace it then getting healthier won't look like a task or a duty or a responsibility it would be FUN!! img_1412Tr


Champion: someone or something, especially a person or animal, that has beaten all other competitors in a competition. So, that is the meaning of champion, just in case you did not have a clue lol. I will take a bit of detour before we go back to the subject of being a champion; A question that has haunted the humanity for a long long time... "what came first - the chicken or the egg?" I am sure this question is going to haunt the humanity for a long long time. The question I ask you is what came first - The Focus or The Drive? Now, some might think drive, coz if your are not driven enough to achieve your target or goals how can you be focussed, some might say the focus, without focus how can someone be so driven, I mean come on there are so many distractions to nudge you off your path. The answer is sub textual, it neither focus nor drive, its the basic foundation of them both. Its the attitude. The attitude with which you approach any subject or aspect of your life defines the outcome of it. Focus, drive, passion, dedication, commitment, consistency are all the branches coming of the trunk called ATTITUDE! I love to win, its my habit, my stubbornness, my character, Its my Attitude... Its how I approach anything in life, this defines my drive to win, it calibrates my focus, it makes me consistent, it makes me confident, it makes me win, it makes me a Champion! img_1826

Find Your Solace!!!

Let's be honest!! Let's be true to ourselves, lie will only make you fall harder the moment you realize the truth, and realization will come starting at your face one day, there is no escape to it. There are great things in life, but they can only be defined in the presence of things which are the completely opposite, like; how will you define light if you don't know darkness, how will define positive if you don't know what negative really is... You will have great day and then you will also have a very very bad day, the day when you want to be left alone, when if you speak to someone there will be a sense of bitterness, there will be irritation, negativity of sorts... To accept that this happens is the first step. Trust me, it happens to every one from your neighbor to Amitabh Bachchan... its how you deal with it makes a difference. Now, what to do? You feel like punching some one, find a sandbag! You feel like shouting on top of your lungs, find a sound proof studio, well, come to our office if it helps! Run, drive, hide under your blanket, curl yourself up, do what it takes!!! Find your solace! Mine is the image that you see under this paragraph, the blue depth of it... the damp sound of splash that I hear while my head is under water and I am swimming lengths after lengths! Sometimes while swimming I think and clear my head, sometimes I go blank, sometimes I challenge myself, sometimes I race against myself... Sometimes I just float with my head submerged under the water staring at those shiny tiles. Its like meditation of a weird sort, but its my solace! Its where I find peace. img_1828 I believe that is one of the key aspects of staying healthy! Finding your peace, sanity, stability helps you think better, live cleaner, function in a smoother way! Remember, its important to be honest to yourself, thats the first step, then go and find your solace.

A six, A four, A single… Get Out!!

Its actually pretty amazing how the results can be seen if you keep consistent at working out in the gym or swim on a regular basis.However, here is the thing with consistency; it does give you incredible results but the monotony of the process gets to you, it becomes boring!!!

To break the monotony try something different, like every week on Tuesday at 9:15 pm sharp including me a total of 16 people get inside a net in an indoor sport arena and we fight to win the battle of scoring runs and getting wickets with all the might and power we have in us!! It brings back that competitive streak, that aggression to win and definitely shapes the attitude. Its one of the most amazing workout which includes strength, speed, stamina and a whole lot of sweat!!

There are so many ways to get healthy... I say find yours and get out and DO IT!!


The Saddle and The Rein!!

Living in the UAE there is so much that one can do, from playing adventure sports, to runs on the beach, to playing indoor sports... the options are unlimited. Here is one thing that I always wanted to do since the time I was a kid. Learn horse riding!!! This is one thing that has always fascinate me, you have seen your favorite actors riding horses in the movies, you have seen these most gorgeous animals in your story books and then to experience riding them, its exceptional!!! Its fun, its extremely difficult and it takes a whole lot of energy. Believe me, its really difficult to get the first few basics right. Once you get used to that, it becomes more and more challenging. First you learn to saddle a horse, then to sit on one then to hold the reins right and then you learn to trot. Its a beautiful process for your mind and for your body. My learning sessions have just begun and there is so much more that is still to come my way!! I am thrilled and super excited...   screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-4-12-42-pm


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