Thursday, February 23, 2017

Malavika: For me, consistency is key!
Sid: For me, adventure is key!

City1016 at Sandstorm Marmoum

February 13, 2017

Fear will either create you or destroy you – thats the first thing that greets you at the Biggest Obstacle Race in Dubai – Sandstorm Marmoum.

30 obstacles , 5 kilometers run , 1 Friday – that’s my very first obstacle race. The only reason i will go back is because of the water slide in the end.

Click on the video to know what i’m talking about.



A stair climbing marathon? What’s that?

January 22, 2017

While we were busy running the Standard Chartered Marathon on Friday, 220 people ran a stair-climbing marathon spanning over 64 floors. The stair-climbing marathon is a vertical marathon that takes place at the base of Almas Tower in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Just to put things in perspective, the winner sprinted 1600 stairs in eight minutes. He took home a well deserved prize money of 10,000 Dhs in the men’s category of Vertical Run 2017. If you’re embarassed about spending your Friday slopped on the bed, you have company in me! Kudos to Piotr Lobodzinski who is now inspiration enough to drag me out of my bed on Fridays! This should be inspiration enough for you as well, to take the stairs and ditch the lift. If the metro station is at a walking distance from your home, why not try walking the distance? You can and you should!

-Disha (Project Intern)

Breakfast: Meal of the Champs

January 8, 2017

The key to good health is a good breakfast and the key to good breakfast is planning.

Here are some tips to make sure you DON’T skip the meal!

  1. Keep it simple. Healthy food does nt have to be complicated. Fruit, oats, peanut butter and toast, muesli – these things come out of a box and require zero prep. So don’t aim to make your breakfast a 1-hour-cooking-project. It’s the first meal of the day and you have to get to work on time, so keep it simple.
  2. Keep some stock at work. Sid keeps a few nuts/dates in his drawer – so that if we are feeling the major hunger pangs mid-show we have something to reach for! Malu usually keeps a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter and a box of muesli in the desk, so that if all else fails, you know you have this.
  3. Don’t say there is no choice. There is. Look carefully at the menu, there must be SOMETHING on the menu that is NOT a butter croissant. Worst case scenario  – there will be fruit, a muesli shake, a porridge like this one or the restaurant will make you something if you just ask. So ask. Don’t use – it’s not on the menu as an excuse 🙂
  1. img_20170105_193507_268

18 days from Dubai Marathon

January 2, 2017




So this will be our third time running together for the Dubai Marathon. There is something about it that we have always loved. The feeling of waking up early, packing your ear phones and your water bottle, lacing up your sneakers and arriving before dawn at the start line to find thousands and thousands of people of all kinds of ages, shapes, sizes, colors and nationalities running together. To no where 🙂

If you have never run the Dubai marathon here are 5 reasons you should:


  1. It gives you a challenge. Something to work toward. It gives you purpose. If you ve been walking or doing the saaaaaaame workout for the last MANY months and need a shake up – this is what will do it. Download a training plan and just do it!
  2. You can walk it. You don’t have to be Usain bolt. You can just walk and stroll while you people watch. It’s great fun!
  3. Bring your teenagers, or even kids! We have seen moms and dads bring prams. We have seen people pushing loved ones in wheel chairs. We have seen young teenagers and young adults – it teaches the kids so much – about life and goals and people.
  4. There are people in costume. True story. We have seen people in bunny outfits, gladiator costumes and tutus. It’s great fun to watch these people running along side the rest of us. At the 8th kilometre when you see a kangaroo jump by you… it provides GREAT comic relief!
  5. It’s not as difficult as you think. 10km seems like a lot, but actually – it’s completely do-able and you won’t know that till you do it! So don’t build it up in your head and jump in. We will see you at the start!





On The Run #MarathonPrep

December 19, 2016

Sid and I are prepping for the 10K Marathon on 20th January 2017. We’ve both been so busy this festive season but this lovely wintery weather is not stopping us from working out. While both of us are drilling ourselves separately, its just amazing to run in this cold hot-chocolatey weather with festive lights all around UAE. Yesterday, I ran at THE LAKES and it was a treat to the eyes; Christmas trees lit up, fairy lights covering houses and people all gathered outside. As I was running at the speed of light, I stopped finishing 4km (NO I didn’t  see the FLASH). I grabbed my breath, waited for my “purja’s” to come back to their place and  as soon as this happened the fountain started playing, as if it was congratulating for my accomplishment.


Guys!! Its the best thing to run outdoor. Try it!