Healthy Sid&Malu

You don’t have time?

Here's the thing about reaching your fitness goal: It takes time. Not just in weeks, months or even years - but in time that could have been spent with the kids, on the beach, reading, studying or working on a struggling business. So how do you decide if that hour is better spent flipping tyres and doing push ups or better spent teaching the kids how to cycle? The honest truth about how we spend our time is this: Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.19.27 PM We tell ourselves that we can't find time for a workout because we are busy with family or work but really - it's about finding the 20 minutes WHEN you can... and finding a workout that suits your time/space and money constraints. If you really want to find the time to work out : 1. Analyse your day. There is no point trying to workout at 5 pm on a sunday evening if you KNOW for a fact that work ends at 6 on a sunday. If you consistently can't make it on a certain day at a certain time - may be you should look at moving the slot. 2. Dont pick a gym or activity that is too far away - If you live in Sharjah, there is no point getting a membership in a gym in Jebel ali. You won't go. So, make it easy for yourself to GO. Not NOT GO. 3. Have a back up workout: A thing you can do for 20 minutes. Even if its 5 am or 11 pm or between the kids sleeping and the spouse needing you. Or even between tv shows. If you have that 20 minute go-to, you ll have less drop outs. Trust us. We know. 🙂 Happy getting healthy. - Malavika and Sid   IMG-20170321-WA0038_Fotor_Collage

Run like the Wind!

The weekends - easiest time to sink into the couch .... and stay there until you and couch fuse into one creature. The cou-man (half couch, half man) Or should we call it the Hu-ouch? After a day of doing that - and not getting out of pajamas till 5 pm, I decided to shake the laziness off and put on a pair of sneakers. "I'll run till I'm exhausted" I thought. I was amazed. 8.7 km and I had a bit more in me. If it was n't for a movie date with a friend I would have kept running. The best part of the run was this. I was in the Lakes. Stopped to tie my shoelace, I looked up and I saw this view. The sun shining between the clouds, a gentle breeze, butterflies and falling leaves. With weather like this, it should be a crime to run on a treadmill! Moral of the story: It does nt take a gym membership to do this. Just do it.

Sid & Malu’s vertical marathon

We did our first Vertical Marathon today, climbed 52 floors. What about you ?? What's the one new thing you're gonna try today?? Think n do - it might change your life !!! #City1016 #HealthyYouHealthyMeHealthyUAE vert

City1016 at Sandstorm Marmoum

Fear will either create you or destroy you - thats the first thing that greets you at the Biggest Obstacle Race in Dubai - Sandstorm Marmoum. 30 obstacles , 5 kilometers run , 1 Friday - that's my very first obstacle race. The only reason i will go back is because of the water slide in the end. Click on the video to know what i'm talking about. -Sid  

A stair climbing marathon? What’s that?

While we were busy running the Standard Chartered Marathon on Friday, 220 people ran a stair-climbing marathon spanning over 64 floors. The stair-climbing marathon is a vertical marathon that takes place at the base of Almas Tower in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Just to put things in perspective, the winner sprinted 1600 stairs in eight minutes. He took home a well deserved prize money of 10,000 Dhs in the men's category of Vertical Run 2017. If you're embarassed about spending your Friday slopped on the bed, you have company in me! Kudos to Piotr Lobodzinski who is now inspiration enough to drag me out of my bed on Fridays! This should be inspiration enough for you as well, to take the stairs and ditch the lift. If the metro station is at a walking distance from your home, why not try walking the distance? You can and you should! -Disha (Project Intern)


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