Healthy Parikshit

Finally I Can Run!

Yess! I can finally run, the only thing I've missed post my ACL Surgery is Cardio! In my healthiest state I used to run 3 Kms in 20 minutes. I want to achieve 3.5 kms in 20 minutes in next 1 month. Also I want to achieve a childhood goal - Running a marathon. I hope I will do that in the coming season, as of now this is my current cardio progress - 20161019_192633 20161103_193147 snapchat-15601182  

One day I will achieve my goal and that one day has to be December, soon I'll be dancing on the treadmill. Like this -


Healthy Parikshit – Post ACL Recovery

I am missing in action since April 2016, I had an ACL reconstruction. So basically it is very painful, the rehab takes a long time and one has to be very careful cause the failure rate is as high as 18 percent.

I couldn't run for 6 months, I've recently started working out on my legs again. Also ,did I mention in past 6 months my eating habits were not good as well and as a result of which I've gained 12 kilos. I gain weight as easily as Virat Kohli scores centuries.

I am determined to shed that extra weight and I have a timeline. My best friend is getting married in Jan and my goal is to lose 10 kilos till then. It pains every time I do legs but as they say in a very cliched way - No pain, no gain.

  [caption id="attachment_62548" align="aligncenter" width="398"]20161019_200358-01 Notice that paunch? It will disappear before Feb 2017. Promise![/caption] Wish me luck! 🙂

Holiday Weight Gain

I went on a vacation to Croatia and Italy. I only had Pizzas, Pastas, Gelatos and Hot Chocolate. My knee surgery and prohibition on workouts added fuel to the fire. I finally came back 7-8 Kilos Heavier but my resolution is to lose all the kilos in next two months. Parikshit

I Documented Everything I Ate Today

I just had a knee surgery, so I cannot workout for another six months. That just leaves me with an option of healthy eating but I love food. I decided to document everything I ate today just to see how much I stay true to healthy eating.  

What Is More Important – Diet Or Exercise?

City1016 Healthy You, Healthy Me, Healthy UAE has come along way. We've tried keeping you healthy while we make efforts towards leading a healthy life as well. Now comes the important question, what is more crucial, diet or exercise? Well, Parikshit tells you the answer.


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