Friday, March 24, 2017

For me challenging myself and consistency is key.

Shoulder Tap Planks!

March 19, 2017

The shoulder tap Plank – looks easy breezy but such an amazing I’m-going-to-whip-your-core exercise! Apart from helping your wrists, arms, shoulders, core get stronger; it works as a hip stabiliser as well. I had to focus so hard to keep my hip from swinging from side to side while tapping my shoulders. Still not there yet but it’s feels awesome!!


New home, hopefully new start!

March 10, 2017

With all the madness of the past week, my training had taken a back seat, not anymore 😎 First workout in my new home 💪 I’ve said this before, my favourite thing about working out at home us that I can spend the entire sweat sesh barefoot 😀 Nothing wakes you up on a Friday morning like a 100 kettlebell swings finisher!! 17155263_1135290513265676_1665432432652782750_n

That’s a wrap for now!

February 23, 2017

Oh man! It’s been such a wonderful ride with! I signed up for a short fitness camp and LOVEd every second of it. My trainer Nadine –  How big is your heart?! Gorgeous inside and out. We had our fitness test today and I’m happy to report my performance went up on every account 💪 Training and building a community has felt so enriching! I learnt lessons on sisterhood, on encouraging and continuously supporting other women (competition is waaaay to stressful to waste time on), celebrating what people around you achieve and knowing that you’ll get to your goals as well…


That morning negotitaion!

February 14, 2017

These ladies make my mornings! So much love and gratitude for them. I would’ve totally given into that negotiation in my head about staying in bed and enjoying the rain instead of getting my sweat on if it wasn’t for these beauties 😍
‘Train and surround yourself with people who fuel your fire’ (borrowing a few words from Rumi)


February 6, 2017

My trainer might call it ‘monochrome Monday’ but there was nothing black or white about today’s training! I was seeing all kinds of colours and stars at the end of it 😂🙈 There’s a very interesting thing that Nadine keeps reminding us about – the exercise is hard and brutal but don’t let your face show it; the expression in your face should be of strength and confidence, some how it helps your mind connect with your body and things don’t seem so tough and beast mode is easier to tap into 💪💪
#StrongIsBeautiful #Gratitude#ProgressNotPerfection #BeastMode #MyDubai