Friday, July 28, 2017

For me challenging myself and consistency is key.

April 25, 2017

There is no room for graceful faces when doing Bulgarian Split Squats!! This is the best I could do 😂 it’s because in this picture I haven’t gone into the part of the exercise that’s most challenging 😁 I had to swallow my ego to go light on the weights to work on my form BUT my back squat (3 rep max) is getting closer to 50 kgs!!! 💪


April 21, 2017

The only thing I remember from the moment this picture was taken was that I kept telling myself “Thank God I cut my nails” 🤣 none of that “go hard or go home” rubbish! I’ll go home when I want to thank you very much. Let’s not turn everything into an existential crisis 😉


Squat away!

April 9, 2017

After a deep meaningful conversation with the Barbell, I decided to lie down and think about it for a bit because… Leg day Bro!! 😂😍
Increased my 3 rep max back squat to 50 kgs – I LOVE seeing my strength improve (As a woman I think that joy is extra special!) because the only one I’m competing with is who I was yesterday.
#ProgressNotPerfection #PatienceAndGrace #DoThingsYoureNotGoodAt#ShakeOffThatComfortZone #StrongIsBeautiful


One step at a time!

Look up, look ahead. One step at a time keep chasing that goal. I’m hoping to add a lot more climbing into my training to help build lots more strength 💪  I’m not very good at it and I think that’s the best part about taking on something you’re not good at, it shakes you out of your comfort zone 😀 and that discomfort forces you to learn and adapt which then leads to more knowledge and learning! 
#PatienceAndGrace #ProgressNotPerfection #StrongIsBeautiful


Assess. Prepare. Attack!

March 27, 2017

Assess. Prepare. Attack! Those strict Barbell shoulder presses and push presses were so much fun!! Also, I must add – the ‘attack’ is NOT on your body, it’s taking on that particular movement/exercise and giving it your 100% knowing that what breaks down always builds itself up (see what I did there?! it’s a muscle building reference 😉 ahem! But you knew that 😂)
#ProgressNotPerfection #PatienceAndGrace#DoThingsYoureNotGoodAt #StrongIsBeautiful