Happy Birthday Taapsee! (:

Bollywood, look out for Taapsee Pannu! Today, Taapsee has so much to celebrate; she has starred in the widely acclaimed, thought-provoking movie, Pink, among her other equally interesting ventures such as Naam Shabana and Running Shaadi! She’s worked with the big names in the business, sharing the screen with the likes of Akshay Kumar, and Amitabh Bachchan, and is currently busy adding more names to the list!

Here are some things that surprised us, made us laugh, but definitely made us love and admire Taapsee even more than we do!

  1. Alongside doing fabulously in films down south and in Bollywood, Taapsee has a vested interest in wedding planning, and runs a company called The Wedding Factory with her friend, Farah Parvaresh and her sister, Shagun Pannu.
  2. She’s a sport enthusiast; she is a squash pro, and plays for 40-45 minutes every day! Not just that, she also ropes in her co-stars and introduces them to the game. While shooting for her new film Tadka, she and Ali Zafar often spend their free time bonding on the squash court! She is also a coach at a sports academy in Mumbai, training young aspiring squash enthusiasts just like her.
  3. She’s also extremely adventurous; she loves biking, and also does her movie stunts by herself! In fact, she’s launching a campaign along with some friends to tackle the issue of rash driving, one that she discovered while biking on the streets of Goa.

That’s not all! Ms Curly Hair Very Fair, her nickname, amusingly, is Maggie; she’s also multi-linguist, with the ability to speak three languages aside from Hindi and English.

She’s clearly a go-getter, and a huge force to be reckoned with! We’re glad she’s here, and that she’s here to stay! Happy birthday Taapsee- more power to you!

– Project Intern, Anjali



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