Futuristic Banking | Love It Recommend It

Love it recommend it visited the Emirates NBD’s futuristic banking space, a key component of the prestigious museum of the future.

What could be futuristic about banking, you ask?
Well read on!

1. As we entered the branch we met a little robot called Pepper. (The kids will love this one! ) She/ he / it gives you the tokens you need to go to the right counter and more importantly is fun to talk to, it’s like Siri with a face.

2. The concept futuristic self driving car was next LEVEL cool.
IN a world where we expect 30 percent of all cars to be driverless by 2030, this was particularly relevant. Not only can the car find a parking spot for itself, but it can actually PARK itself too AND pay for parking with the bank details stored in the car.

3. Feeling hungry? The driverless car will ask you what kind of lunch you would like, order it based on your approval and previous orders, PAY for it with a thumb print, and DRIVE you to the branch where a hot Margherita Pizza will be waiting for you.
THAT is true love.

4. Imagine shopping for houses virtually. Because who needs to drive from Jumeirah to Meydan when a blink can let you explore floor plans and gardens???! The info goes to your bank, they evaluate your likes and preferences and sanction your housing loan ALL VIRTUALLY!

5. How about shopping from a chair. Don’t even bother with a laptop to browse through your favourite brands. Here is a virtual headset that lets you stare at what you like and buy it with a stare. A STARE!!!! How cool is that???

These are just SOME of the cool features! Check out the future of banking. Deets follow:

Where is it? Emirates towers, Level 1
How much does it cost? NOTHING !

Kids will love: Pepper.

In short, worth a visit for sure. Next time you are headed to the area for a meeting… go there. It makes you feel like thinking out of the box!











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