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So this Diwali, we thought our biggest adventure is the place where ALL the action is at right now. Mean Bazaar!!!! A City1016-Constructed-Special-Meena-Bazaar-Food-Walk.

The total cost of this entire project: 43.5 AED

The feeling: FULL to our noses in ghee and food and awesomeness.

WARNING: Diets and ‘Uff-Itna-Ghee’ Attitude NOT ALLOWED. image1

Nihaals Koki: First stop – we pay tribute to the Sindhi community that pretty much built this part of the city. And what’s a Sindhi tribute without some Koki. Nihaals- It’s WORLD famous. It’s legendary. If you have ever eaten it, you know WHY!

This lady was feeding an army of people. The Koki is rich and lovely and just how it should be.


Vaibhav:  One Name. one legend. Vaibhavs (according to our market research, also known as asking people on the road where we should eat…) is one of the most famous gujju places in Bur Dubai.

This uncle who seated us was a rockstar. The kind who knows that no critics review can rock his boat. (Kinda like the SRK of food, like really who cares what critics say!)

We ate 2 things. Pay bhaji. Actually PAV-GHEE-BHAJI and Saboodana vada.





Pani puri at Mini Punjab.

Now one must note that few things in the world make a desi feel more Desi than standing on the road eating Pani puri. Unfortunately, because we went in the afternoon, we had to eat indoor. One of the highest rated Pani puris in Meena Bazaar – Mini Punjab serves mini mouthfuls of heaven!

6 AED. Seriously?


Ganne ka Juice.

Its not sugarcane – Its ganna. And along with nariyal pani – it is one of the GREATEST experiences of Meena bazaar.

This one was a little on the expensive side – but we were paying for the AC, the cool waiters t-shirts and the chairs so we did nt mind the splurge at 12 AED (buahahaha)


It must be done during Diwali – Go to random mithai shops and say – Uncle, try car sakte hain? And the people will willingly oblige, give you their personal reviews and make small talk 🙂

We tried not only ladoo, but kaju barfi and namkeen and then packed a box to take back to work!

This diwali, keep it simple, keep it easy on the pocket – and eat everything you can!

Food walks in Meena Bazaar, we love it and we recommend it !!!

Meghana and Malavika





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