A food walk with Sid and Malavika

LIRI - Season 2

This week we tried something really quite extraordinary – A FOOD WALK.

The concept?

You meet a host, in our case Arva, at a designated spot in the city and then you walk for about a km or two stopping every few minutes for a bite into what Arva has researched as the best food places in the area.

Arva has lived in Dubai since she was a baby and knows this street in Deira inside out. We chose to do a Middle Eastern food trail and the pictures say the rest!


(Pic 1-5)
1. And we set out in the the sun. Arva, Sid and Malu – out to explore the best food Deira has to offer.
2. A part of the city where you will actually see cycles and cycle stands! How refreshing!
3. And we discover the most amazing Palestinian falafel joint ever!
4. Little bits of crunchy and soft and yummy and creamy awesomeness! Makes you wonder what you have been eating all this while if THIS is what a falafel should taste like.
5. Sid can’t stop!


(Pic 6-10)
6. And that is how the falafels are made! With a little spicy red-onion paste in the middle – tapped with til seeds at the end and fried until they look like heaven.
7. Tasty selfie
8. Kanafe time – A delicious fried vermicelli on a cheesy base dipped in sugar syrup!
9. That is AFTER we have eaten all of this!
10. In a small kind of food coma but still hungry!


( Pics 11-16)

11. See who gets the short end of the stick? Very equal …. Really, Sid!
12. Tea from a hole in the wall… Literally!
13. How affordable! Shawarmas at 5 AED!
14.  ‘Philosophical Pizza’ – a pizza that looks inward. Hehe – say cheese!
15 . Check out no 8 on the menu – Foul dish with obesity. I bet everyone orders that!
16. What an incredible meal! 

Visit fryingpanadventures.com for more details.




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