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This week we had no idea what we were signing up for. We have been fly boarding…… but what in the world is fly WHEELING?

Lets break it down for you!


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What is it?
Fly Wheeling is like spinning or RPM – you often see it in your neighbourhood gym. The big difference is the shoes. Fly wheeling has its own special shoes. The shoes have the pedal attached!
The pedal at the bottom of the shoe attaches directly to the cycle. Which means you can’t just take your feet off the bike…. You have to detach your foot from the bike.

What after the shoes?
So once you strap your self into the shoe/ bike, you spend an hour in a dark room with loud music, an entertaining instructor and a little speedometer like display that you keep playing with – putting resistance and speed up and down to complete the workout.
The exciting bit is a TV screen that displays who is doing the best. It’s called the TORQBOARD…  So for the competitive types – it’s great fun to try and beat every one else’s score.

How long does it last and how much does it cost?
The workout lasts an hour and it takes a GREAT deal to survive the 1 hour.  We nearly died. We could feel our heart beat in our nose by the end.
If you would like to try it – they have a free community trial class on Tuesdays at 12:30, take a friend and give it a shot!

Where is it?
We tried it at Gold and Diamond Park, but it’s also available at Down town. Find out Dubai locations on

Great for:
The fit-active-lets-try-a-new-workout-type

Not suitable for:
Kids and for the I-don’t-like-sweat-types.

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