The Floating Venice in Dubai

So here’s everything you must know about the Mini Floating Venice that’s expected in the UAE soonest!!

  1. This will be the first underwater luxury vessel resort. It will be located in the World Islands, just 4 kms offshore from Dubai and will give you the authentic Venetian experience. That Italy holiday cancelled, hehe!!
  2. Will there be a Piazza San Marco, like the one in Venice? Hell yeah!! And Gondolas? Yeah baby, that too. In fact guests can arrive by boat, seaplane or even choppers to the main Piazza and Gondolas will transport guests to their cabins through quaint canals. Gosh, I am excited as I am writing this.
  3. How many cabins will we have? Well 414 bespoke cabins over 4 decks, capacitating upto 3000 guests. And yes one of them will be underwater giving spectacular views of the coral reefs below and passing gondola above. Oh my heart just missed a beat there!!!
  4. When will it be ready? Well they are planning to start construction by quarter 1 of the next year 2018 and yes as most spectacular things in the UAE, this one should also be complete by 2020.Here’s a video that will give you a fair idea how this Venice inspired resort will retain its Arabic flavor. (Video courtesy The Heart of Europe!)

    -Lokesh Dharmani



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