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The sulphate-free trend

This trend has been doing the beauty circuit rounds for a while now but recently with the whole organic-is-good-for-you hoopla, sulphate-free products have become a favourite. I decided to give sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner a try because I heard that if you have frizzy hair, it's a really good to counter that because it doesn't strip away too much of the natural moisture of the hair! Very simply put Sulphates are cleansing agents and they also give you the lathering effect. I remember being told that the more my shampoo lathers, the cleaner my hair will be.  If you have coloured hair or frizzy hair or curly hair or dry and brittle hair then give Sulphate-free shampoo a try! this goes for men too by the way. Sulphate free products don't take away all the natural moisture all the while making sure that your hair is clean and feels softer/smoother as well. Some people can do with products with sulphate in them if they have straight hair (lucky bums!) but if you fit any of the above listed categories then see if you can pick up a sulphate-free shampoo and let me know how it went. The one I've been experimenting with is this product line called 'Hask' which you'll find in any super/hypermarket. I picked up the HASK Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner - it came up to about 67 DHS for both!    I've purposely skipped the whole super scientific theory on Sulphates but all in all if you've been experiencing a dry scalp and itching or like I mentioned - frizzy, curly/wavy hair, coloured hair, brittle dry hair; then there's no harm in trying a sulphate-free shampoo + conditoner !  This is what My hair has landed up looking like without too much effort from my side 😉  As you can see, there's still some frizz but a lot more manageable and if like me you can go without washing your hair every day then it helps with that as well! -Meghana   


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