Fans shower love & support on Manu, Manveer during ticket to finale week task

After completing the first round of the solar system task, the housemates wake up to the song ‘Jhumka Gira Re’. With only Manu, Manveer and Bani now left in the competition, the contestants continue with their guessing game and wait for the next stage of the task to begin. Early in the morning, Rohan asks Lopa that who will she support if Manu and Manveer become the final contenders of the task. Lopa replies by saying that she will give 50-50 support to both of them. She also says that she always wanted to see Manu and Manveer pitted against each other in one of the tasks.


Soon after, Bigg Boss introduces the next leg of the ticket to finale week task and Bani, Manu and Manveer step on the last orbit with water bowls in their hand. While Manu and Manveer continue to strategize in order to win the task, they also anticipate that Bani will play an ugly move and knock out one of them. But things don’t work in Bani’s favor and she gets disqualified from the task after Manu gives her a slight push. Bani gets furious and yells at Manu for his brash behavior. Manu tells her that it was completely her mistake and they were only playing a fair game. Disheartened Bani throws away the bowl and walks away. Rohan further announces Manu and Manveer as the final contenders of the ticket to finale week task. Unable to overcome her failure, Bani whines about Manu and Manveer’s wrongness to Nitibha and cries her eyes out.


Later in the evening, Bigg Boss surprises Manu and Manveer by informing them that they will be stepping out of the house to fight the final battle of the ticket to finale task at a mall. Manveer and Manu rejoice the moment and get dressed up for the competition. Leaving the house in Maruti Suzuki Swift, Manu and Manveer arrive at a mall in suburban Mumbai. To their amazement, they find a huge crowd roaring and chanting their names as they make a grand entry inside the mall. Manu and Manveer are locked inside two life-size cages from where they have to interact with their fans and appeal for votes. The fans have to drop their votes in the ballot boxes kept in front of the cages. To make the task more energetic and entertaining, Manu and Manveer do everything possible to make their fans happy. They not only perform their signature dance step but also click selfies with them. Manveer female fans go berserk and shower him with gifts and roses. Manu and Manveer touch elderly people’s feet to seek blessings for them. After receiving an overwhelming response from their fans, Manu and Manveer make an exit to come back to the house.

At the same time, in the Bigg Boss house, the remaining contestants get punished for sleeping after repeated warnings. Bigg Boss asks them to separate daal and chaawal from a bowl of mixture. Soon after, Manveer and Manu come back inside the house and are asked by Bigg Boss to count the votes from the ballot boxes.

Who out of Manu and Manveer will win the ticket to finale week task and become the first finalist of the season?

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