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Read the story of how this came to be…
“After my first all male collection, a lot of women complained that I had nothing for them. So I decided that my second collection would be a His-Her collection. Quirky designs, digital prints that cater to both men and women.
Step 1- source the fabric. I scanned every street in Dubai for some fun fabric, for three weeks back to back. I lost 4 pounds but no fun fabric.”
 I then decided to make my own fabric. I started sketching. Day in and out. I wasn’t happy with any of my designs. After rejecting at least 30/40 doodles, I finally zeroed in on 3 of them. Since the collection was a His-Her collection, the designs catered to that sentiment;
 A) I love you fabric
 B) happy faces of love
C) Things couples say to each other.
 Step 2- find a printer. I found one in Delhi. I wanted him to deliver on Valentine’s Day. I think I forgot to mention the year, hehe. Things got mighty delayed from the printer’s end. But the printed fabric finally arrived in the end of Feb. 
Step 3- find a tailor. Mind you this is Feb and it’s wedding season in Delhi. My awesome sister finally managed to rope in a couple of boutiques and we started our work. After endless calls, Skype chats that ended till late hours, a million pictures exchanged on Whatsapp, we finally managed to come up with 24 pieces.
So after a lot of sweat and blood, I am finally making baby steps into the world of fashion.
My joys knew no bounds when my super sweet boss told me that these pieces were worthy of a summer shoot for the coolest station in the world- City 1016. Just imagine how happy I must have been to know that my favorite set of people will be the first one wearing my clothes. We brainstormed, color coordinating, sourcing other materials for the shoot and lo and behold, it’s here.
> Each one of them has brought just the right amount of glamour and funk, these quirky designs required. A big thanks going out to my family at work-
 Malu, Sid, Megs, Tia, Karish, Tarun and Pari and a big massive hug to the one who made this shoot happen- Rohit, the head of digital at ARN. He made sure he took time out from his busy schedule and made all of us look so good, AS ALWAYS! Also his coolest team who works so hard and always willing to go that extra mile for us. We love you guys!!!
I have no idea how many pieces will sell, if people will show interest or not, no clue, where my fashion career goes from here. All I know is I am having a ball, designing my own fabrics and turning them into my designs and God’s been immensely kind!! 🙂



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