Tuesday, January 24, 2017
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Equestrian Club


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What did we do?
We went riding. OK… that sounds very cool. We tried to learn how to ride a horse , that is more realistic.

Horse riding as you may have guessed takes a little while to master, so it might be a while before you look like a jockey from Sea Biscuit.

The best bits:
On the other hand, It is a wonderful, fun way to spend an evening and a great new skill to learn.

We started with a tour of these gorgeous stables, we met all the different kinds of horses they have, we met our trainers and spent most of the hour trotting around a small area.
These gentle and beautiful creatures had us mesmerized!

Good for kids?
The younger the students the better so, feel free to take the kids to the club. Especially here in Dubai where children rarely interact with animals, this is a great opportunity for them to make some four legged friends.

AED 150-180 an hour, try one before you commit to a bunch of them!

More details?
Check out www.poloclubdubai.com



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