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  • 27 September

    Meghana Driving Life Lesson #4

    I actually left the safe EDI compound and tacked the big bad road! hehehehe, a bit scary and so liberating!

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  • 17 September

    Meghana Driving Life Lesson #3

    So! This was such a big moment for me, I got to get my hands on a steering wheel for the first time ever! and not just pretend driving but actually moving a car from point A to point B!!

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  • 12 September

    Meghana Driving Life Lesson #2

    And after that long theory class, it was time to sit for my theory exam! and I swear I felt like I was back in school with all the last minute revisions and the nervousness!!

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  • 4 September

    I’m done with my theory!!

    Over the weekend, I went down to the Emirates Driving Institute and finished my theory classes! It was like being back in school, I really did feel like such a nerd – taking down notes every 2 seconds! I had to really dial into all the concentration I could muster ...

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