Love It Recommend It | THE DUBAI FRAME

Love It Recommend It, this week, travels far and wide….Ok, not that far…To Zabeel park – to visit THE DUBAI FRAME!

Learning number 1 from the midmorning visit: Tickets are available at the park but be sure to visit early as there are only a limited number of tickets a day.
Learning no 2: Park at Gate 4. We parked at Gate 2 and grumpily walked nearly half a kilometer before we got to the frame.
Learning no 3: Tickets are priced at 50 AED a head for adults and 20 AED ahead for kids.
Leaning no 4: The top part of the frame has 2 food counters, both a bit steeply priced and only disabled-friendly toilets. So inputs and outputs – finish downstairs.

Fun facts about Dubai Frame:
1.Did you know that the frame is 150 m tall and 93 m wide?
2. The Gold plated covering on the frame keeps the structure cool – it has some cool metallic thing aiming at it.
3. It has 48 floors between ground and top but the lift has only two settings – up and down.
4. Before you go up you will be treated to a little museum display of Dubai’s past and on the way out – a sneak peek into Dubai’s future. Be prepared to be gob-smacked.
5. It costs 250 million to make.
6. The best bit – the panels on the bottom of the top. #LIT
When you get there you’ll know what we mean!

Dubai Frame – We LOVE IT and we TOTALLY Recommend it!

P.S – How cool is it that the lift man who took us up was a guy from Cochin called Eldho and the guy who brought us down was Rupinder from Punjab. #DesisRule



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