Drive Master GoGo

Drive Master GoGo with Meghana and Lokesh 5 pm – 9 pm 

Put the smile on your drive!

The best ingredients for the most entertaining evening drive show: a large dose of the most trending stories from around the world, a generous share of what is buzzing in the UAE, a dash of games and several scoops of the best in Bollywood stories and music. And according to taste lots of loud laughter and occasional good manners.


Meghana is a theatre actor, fitness enthusiast and an expert at rolling her eyes. She’s also a trained counselor and life coach. In her own words “People love that I don’t forget anything, and people hate that I don’t forget anything.”

Lokesh is all about Films, food, and fashion.  These are the three most important things in his life. If he is not watching a movie, he is either eating/cooking or shopping. He also loves to write. In his own words, “I am boringly obedient all year long when I want to rebel, I travel


Fashion in the City with Meghana
Loki’s Kitchen 



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