Drive Master GoGo

5pm – 9pm | Drive Master GoGo

Drive Master Go Go with Karishma and Tarun is a fun ride home – it’s a party every evening!!! The day’s round up, the newsmakers, the social media movers and shakers, the local buzz points, the biggest Bollywood stories – all served up to you in their zany, humorous way.

Drive Master GoGo with Karishma and Tarun – Because the drive is more important than the destination.

What’s on the show :

Too Filmy – A Bollywood contest wherein we mash two stories together and you have to name the two at the end of it.

In My City – The top local news that are relevant to people for the day. It’s the ones that impact your life the most.

The Chaddhas – The weather-together couple. They come on air at 6pm to tell you what’s happening in their life and sometimes might tell you the weather.

Love Actually – A one hour request show everyday at 8pm that plays the biggest love songs of all times. Its your quickfix when you are in a fix.

CITY1016 Unplugged – Home to the first and most popular platform for budding musicians in the UAE.

VOX Pops – A movie review given by the people after they have watched a film. It’s the 100% true janta review of the film. This happens on air and online.

Keeping Up With Karishma – the zaniest, funniest, most relevant video blog that talks about trending topics every Thursday.

The Games People Play – House party game ideas every Thursday on CITY1016 TV


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