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Where did we go yesterday?

Here are your clues – a 25 minute movie, a bunch of bean bags and Al Wasl Road!
It’s called The Dome Box and if you have been driving up and down Al Wasl Road lately, there is no way you missed it.
Seen those cool looking container-stores and restaurants? Seen the big yellow and green and red boxes? A big sign that says Dome Box? The many chairs and tables outside? Well, that is the one!

What in the world is Dome Box?

Dome Box is a new kind of cinema. A 360 degree theatre experience. (Yes, that technically means you are IN the movie.)
The movies aren’t your regular Hollywood/Bollywood movies – they are specially made movies converted into this format.
The movies are no more than 30 minutes long – so great for a quick pop in-pop out.

How does it work?
First things first – This is cool – You can’t buy a single movie ticket – you either buy a 2 movie or 4 movie package. (At 45 and 75 AED respectively)
You are welcomed by a very hospitable team. They take you into this futuristic looking black room with about 50 bean bags on the floor and a Dome-shaped-top.
You lie down and the movie begins. It’s like 3d without glasses, but better.

Like 3D meets a planetarium.

We watched a movie called the Astronaut that was 23 minutes long. Fun stuff!

Great for?:
– Birthday parties for kids
– Watching educational/informative movies with the kids while the spouse is shopping/at a meeting.

The definite plus points:

– Easy accessibility (No 30-mins-to-find-mall-parking)
– Great pricing (Taking 10 kids for a movie still only costs 450 aed)

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