Dinosaur Park | Love It Recommend It

Dubai Garden Glow’s new project Dinosaur Park is a great place to take the kids. 

The best part about it – you don’t have to spend any more. The same 60 AED ticket that grants you entry to Garden Glow can be used to enter this space as well.

So, what is it?
A section of the park that houses a 100 odd dinosaurs that are LIFE size. Not our life, their life size. Also, these Dino models move…. Thankfully not around the park (so don’t expect to be chased by a T Rex) but they make small movements and that’s enough to make you jump if you aren’t expecting it!
What kind of dinosaurs? 
All kinds – the meat eating, the flying ones, the vegetarian ones. If your kids are obsessed with Dinosaurs they will know all the names as well! Plus, under each Dino model is a small plaque that tells you when they roamed the earth, what the ate and a few scientific facts.
Do they have rides?
Yes, a couple of bumping cars like – bumping dinosaurs. but mostly, it is a great place for a stroll. Go around the part twice and your 10,000 steps for the day are done. The kids (especially the dino obsessed 6 year olds) will LOVE it.
Great for:
An evening with the kids, an education, a school visit or a simple birthday party.
Not great for: 
Adults who have no interest in Dinosaurs or walking.
AED60 and it will give you entry to Dubai Garden Glow as well. 
Don’t forget to carry a camera!


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