Deepika’s 6 Moments of WOOOAAAH!

The times Deepika made us sit up and take notice.

Our very own Deepika Padukone (we wish) was one of the most talked about celebrities in 2015. She was adorned the queen of Bollywood in 2015 (wondering what Kangana would react to this). On her ‘budday’ we shall see what was she trending for :-

  1. The Times of India *ahem* photo they put up on social media and on print. Why TOI Why? Kya mila tumhein?



2. When she came out in the open and spoke about her depression. Bravo girl bravo. You’re and inspiration to people, showing it’s quite normal to feel depressed but to overcome it is the biggest challenge but it’s not impossible.



3. Her debut into Hollywood with XXX. She’s breaking boundaries pairing opposite Vin Diesel and many more. Deepika made sure she stays as she is and didn’t fake any accent for this movie



4.When she was most noticed in Cocktail. That was the time when she was really noticed with her very edgy and ‘out to the open’ character gaining her entry to the A list


5. Her ‘Awwww’ moment when she addressed her dad’s letter to the rest of the world. Mr.Prakash’s letter uplifted women in our society and how they should follow their dreams.


6. After all this, she was probably the first female in Bollywood to receive a higher salary than a A list male celebrity… that too Amitabh Bachchan.  



What say?

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