Friday, July 28, 2017

Love It Recommend It | Cosmic Golf


What is Cosmic Golf? 

It’s like playing golf in the dark. You enter a room, you are given a golf club and a ball and the whole room is dark. Barring a few florescent glow in the dark decorations and formations on the floor.

There are 12 holes and 12 mini golf set ups and you get to play all 12 per game.
Also, assisting you (For those of us who have NO idea how to play golf) is an expert.

Who would like this?

Kids would! Any above 6 can play Cosmic Golf and adults would like it too. There is a  thrill in being in a glow in the dark room – the golf is just the added fun.







The best part about it:

Its great value for money. At 50 AED a head, it’s full entertainment for 1 hour or so. You can take a group of unto 6 friends and at 15 AED more than a movie – it gives you a different something to do on the weekend.

Great for birthday parties and mall-mein-timepass

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