Sunday, May 28, 2017

City Gives Back | 15 Years of Entertaining You

CITY1016 Celebrates 15 years of entertaining you!

We’d like to thank you for making us UAE’s No 1 Bollywood Radio Station. This year we’d like to give back the love you’ve given us all these years with City Gives Back with our friends at Danube Properties.

What is City Gives Back ? In a nutshell, these are fifteen gestures from us to you that will put a smile back on your face! It is our way of easing some of your stress and standing by you as you have stood by us.

Stay tuned to City1016 to know more about how City Gives Back.



  1. Documents asked for verification, need to be submitted to ARN
  2. If there is any discrepancy in the submitted documents, ARN holds the right to disqualify the shortlisted candidate.
  3. Participants on visit visa do not qualify for City Gives Back.
  4. Decision of ARN is final and cannot be challenged.
  5. Product/vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. Eg: flight tickets, shopping vouchers 
  6. For CITY BONUS, the said amount will be transferred to the nominated person’s bank account in their home country directly. 
  7. If, after confirming your participation at the radio station when called for the qualifying round, and failure of communicating your inability to be present on the stipulated time, you will stand disqualified. 
  8. For the following gratifications, you will be required to provide ARN with a signed affidavit and supporting documents –
    1. Medical insurance for family 
    2. Bad debts
    3. Maternity cover
    4. Paying towards a school semester
    5. Early child care/day care