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Gitex Technology Week 2017 has some of the most incredible things to offer, a hovering Police Bike is one of them!! Our minds are blown ever since we watched it. What we laughed at in Dhoom 3 seems like a reality now. Watch watch!! -Meghana and Lokesh

Here is a brand new track by Anupam Nair who started of his journey right here from the studios of City 1016 as a City 1016 unplugged artist and now is a lead vocalist of the band “Rooh”. It’s his first collaboration and its with Shirin Latheef who has sung this one so beautifully!! The […]

Since IIFA began in 2000, Amitabh Bachchan had been the brand ambassador for the first ten years.IIFA 2k was held in London and since then every year the awards have only grown bigger! Can’t wait for this year’s glitz and glam to unveil! 2010 was a pretty epic year! This was the year when the […]

Farhan Akhtar came up with the concept of this video that released just in time for Fathers Day. Its worth a watch.     Amitabh Bachchan tweeted, “a moving, strong, pertinent statement”. Varun Dhawan: “Truly inspirational” Dia Mirza: “Love this message” What did you think of it?

Its Father’s Day today and Bollywood stars have been celebrate their dads today with sweet as sugar posts. For instance, Abhishek Bachchan posted this: And Alia Bhatt shared her source of inspiration! But, when we took a look at the most amusing and straight off the cuff posts shared by a celebrity throughout the year, […]

The Director of the Pakistan Business Council and the Dep. Sec. Gen of the World Memon Organization Mahmoud Shaikhani, visited City 1016 to talk to Karishma and Tarun about some incredible efforts made by both organizations in this Year Of Giving.

In the concluding part of this week’s series on the Funniest IIFA Hosts, we present to you the only Bolly-Hollywood jodi in our list! It was Y2K, the world was meant to end, instead, SRK walked on to the stage with Angelina Jolie by his side! It was a sight for the sore eyes! This […]

Experience. That’s all it takes at times. When SRK stepped in to host IIFA 2013 in Macao with Shahid Kapoor, rest assured, no one was spared! And lets face it, when THE SRK is the one making the jokes, its no fun being left out! Here’s what went down went Shah Rukh and Shahid decided […]

On the third day of our week-long shortlist of the Funniest IIFA Hosts, we just had to bring in Pappu and Raju! We remember watching Farhan and Shahid get on their unique entrance ‘modes’ on the IIFA Green Carpet in Madrid last year when Sid, Meghana, Tarun and I, Karishma were all there LIVE! For […]

All this week on Drive Master GoGo, we bring you the funniest IIFA hosts and some of their absolutely insane moments from the biggest Bollywood Awards Show that will happen in New York City this July. But for now, its time for a throwback to the year 2015. Bollywood descended on KL, Malaysia. Kangna Ranaut’s Queen […]


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