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Love Cricket? Love Fashion? Or love BOTH? whatever be your choice, Karishma has something special for you this week.

For all the mum’s out there – here is something to keep you smiling over the weekend with Karishma’s brand new video. Watch!

What has Karishma got us from London? Something special, for sure. Find out what!

With Karishma’s Take It Easy policy, what can go wrong this weekend! Check out her take on keeping away stress.

Put a little jig in your step this weekend with Karishma’s Dance Basanti – guaranteed to to make you smile, if not dance!!


Just one of those videos guaranteed to make you smile through the weekend! Has this ever happened to you?

Our days in the UAE can go this way or that. Which way you going? Find out with Karishma.

What happened to Karishma when she met “STRINGS” – Uh, a lot. Can we say she even fainted! This si what happenes when we meet someone we have had a crush on…

Wonder what goes on behind the scenes of an item song in Bollywood? Add a little drama to your weekend with Karishma’s take on the subject.


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