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Team City1016 celebrates with Karishma as her video blog Keeping Up With Karishma completes 1 year! Ladies and gentlemen, please watch and find more videos at

  Out of the blue, Karishma and Tarun have ended up doing a show together - Drive Master Go Go, weekdays 5pm to 9pm on City1016! Now, when a girl and boy get together for 4 hours every evening, its bound be mad, crazy fun!     ​

Our newest team member, Parikshit gets welcomed to the team by every presenter from Team City1016!

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation only to be interrupted

Whether its Sonu, Atif, Benny, Shafqat, Mohit or Arijit performing, City1016’s Karishma shows you some of people you’ll see at concerts!

On Keeping up with Karishma this week, we look at the difference between the way the world reacts to guys and girls changing profile pictures on Facebook.

On Keeping Up With Karishma this week, Sid joins Karishma in finding a way out of the madness about marks and results.

Just a week ago, we made a Bollywood Mime Through Time video that’s gone viral already (!) and today, we’re showing you the stuff that you’d never know about that video

Celebrating Madhuri’s Big Day the typical City1016 way on Keeping Up With Karishma

Find out what happened when we mentioned ‘baby’ in front of John Abraham!!


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