Saturday, July 22, 2017

Every week Karishma brings to you some exciting stuff from the world of fashion and the world in general – presented in her unique Karishma style!

Desis At Concerts

Whether its Sonu, Atif, Benny, Shafqat, Mohit or Arijit performing, City1016's Karishma shows you some of people you'll see at concerts!

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Facebook Just Got Real

On Keeping up with Karishma this week, we look at the difference between the way the world reacts to guys and girls changing profile pictures on Facebook.

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Marks Idhar Hain

On Keeping Up With Karishma this week, Sid joins Karishma in finding a way out of the madness about marks and results.

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E For Empower

This is what women's empowerment videos seem to be made of. So, who did you empower today?

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