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Its been 10 days since we came back from picturesque Prague, and we miss it sooo much! On Keeping Up With Karishma this week, Karishma is bringing you a throwback special!

Karishma brings you the first 4 performances of this season of City1016 Unplugged. UAE based singers like Samra Khan (from Coke Studio 8), Mariyam, Nehaa and Menaka are the girls who've flexed their vocal muscles so far this season. Stay tuned for more and if you want to be featured on this platform for UAE…

You'll never believe the ridiculous things that Bollywood is spending tons of money on! ‪#‎KeepingUpWithKarishma‬ with Karishma, Meghana and Parikshit!

They say you shouldn't let your morals stop you from doing the right thing. But that's exactly what happened when a 'journalist' mixed up 'research' with hearsay, 'interview' with attack and his job with moral policing. City1016's Karishma shares what she learnt from that 'interview' with you on Keeping Up With Karishma.

On Keeping Up With Karishma this week, you've probably felt the same way Karishma has about living in the UAE. A Happy 44th National Day! ​

Ever had a crush that you wouldn't admit to anymore? A love you grew out of?? Haha, we all do - its part of growing up! On‪#‎KeepingUpWithKarishma‬ this week, Karishma is fessing up to one such crush! Who's yours? 22,295 people reached Boost Post 7.1k Views LikeCommentShare Top Comments Aarthi Bhalla, Ruchi Bhatia, Shimron Benjamin…

This week on Keeping Up With Karishma, City1016's funny girl Karishma Fernandez talks to a new guest - its the stereotypical 'Dadaji'. This one has bloopers too. Enjoy!!!!!

This festive season, City1016's Karishma Fernandez tells you how just a few minutes at a store in Meena Bazaar were the remedy to her home-sickness! Meena Bazaar houses a sizable collection of desi outfits, cuisine and driving styles!

City1016's Karishma shares some of her thoughts with you today on Keeping Up With Karishma. Its perfect for those moments when you simply need to focus on what's important in life.

This week, City1016's Karishma Fernandez takes you on a sarcasm-ridden selfie tour of the office. Its what you see at work mixed with what you see on your timeline!


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