Call it the late night edition of #KeepingUpWithKarishma! With the big story that broke this week from Indian television, we had to do a farewell post for this one ;) Keeping Up With Karishma, Every Thursday, New Video!

Karishma brings a fresh new video every week with Keeping Up With Karishma - and this week's video is about acknowledging inter-dependence and supporting your partner.

Its time for #KeepingUpWithKarishma and this week, its a #throwback to the time when we learnt a thing or two from the city of #Madrid! ;)

Join City1016's Tarun, Govind, Sujit and Karishma as they share some laughs over a wonderful Iftar :) there's nothing like a good time with friends!! Catch Karishma and Tarun on Drive Master GoGo, 5pm to 9pm on City1016.

As City1016 celebrates 14 years of entertaining you, Keeping Up With Karishma brings you the answer, in case you've ever wondered Why City1016?

While shooting for my TV show this week, we decided to prank our on-set Rapunzel, our wardrobe designer. Here's what went down!

Its been a week full of interesting news stories and an even more interesting press conference held by Rakhi Sawant. Made us wonder what Ms Sawant must have to say about all the other news stories floating around. After all, Keeping Up With Karishma is all about the reactions :)

Keeping Up With Karishma is honest. And let's be honest, it takes alot of people, a lot of time and a lot of skill to create the kind of perfection you see on TV. Or on the big screen. So today, we show what it takes to create that 'Salaam Namaste UAE' look that Karishma…

What inspires your favourite Team City1016?? Find out in this Keeping Up With Karishma.

On Keeping Up With Karishma today, we show you the top 5 dance moves that need to be shut down, right now! Happy Weekend!


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