Children are going to spend time online... here's Raghav, Founder & CEO of Nischint, a home grown app (I like to call it a 'virtual maa ki chappal'!) Watch his top tips on keeping children safe online ;) karishma #benditlikecity

Driving is a huge part of our lives here in the Gulf. And if you've been driving here enough number of times (Like even once), then this has definitely happened to you. -Keeping up with Karishma

Keeping up with Karishma is back! It feels great and a very grateful Karishma is here bidding adieu to the month of May!

Patanjali employees will be the first to get the Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Card launched by Baba Ramdev in India... 144 rupees get 2GB data and unlimited national talk time! This means more calls and more Whatsapp Group Chats! Haha! Cause we all need more WhatsApp groups! But, what if Whatsapp groups were a real-life chat??…

Ranveer Singh. Nuff said. Hah! You've obviously understood that this is an article about something crazy... but how crazy, you ask? Deadpool and Spidey performing to Khallibali, and with spectacular sycn too! Watch! Ranveer Singh has no chill @RanveerOfficial  Such a fun tribute to the fact that Ranveer is Deadpool's official voice in the upcoming…

Call it the late night edition of #KeepingUpWithKarishma! With the big story that broke this week from Indian television, we had to do a farewell post for this one ;) Keeping Up With Karishma, Every Thursday, New Video!

Karishma brings a fresh new video every week with Keeping Up With Karishma - and this week's video is about acknowledging inter-dependence and supporting your partner.

Its time for #KeepingUpWithKarishma and this week, its a #throwback to the time when we learnt a thing or two from the city of #Madrid! ;)

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As City1016 celebrates 14 years of entertaining you, Keeping Up With Karishma brings you the answer, in case you've ever wondered Why City1016?


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