CITY 1016 – Cash in 60 secs

This festive season, City1016 is giving you the chance to win AED 20,000 hard cash in less than 60 seconds!

Stay tuned to City1016 for your chance to be that lucky one who gets selected on-ground where you will be given 60 seconds to enter this glass chamber to grab on to the golden ticket!

Win the first round of games and get a chance to go into the cash chamber

Date: 27th October 2018
Venue: Dubai Garden Glow
Show starts at 5:00 PM


  1. The contestants have to win the round of games played on ground to get into the chamber to win cash.
  2. Women wearing A dress/skirt or loose clothes will not be allowed to enter the chamber. The person accompanying you will enter on your behalf 
  3.  If you have downloaded the city1016 app on your phone, you receive invites to the park for the day. (limited number of invites) 
  4. Only the first 300 people to arrive will receive entries to come into the park free of charge 
  5.  Every registered person must have a wristband to play the games


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