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Cape Town – The cape of good times.


Did you know – Cape Town is the best place on earth to visit? Literally! It was appointed the best place in the world to visit by the New York Times in 2014


Global Passport –

The visa process is really neat. If you’re an Indian, the visa is free for you. You still need to apply in the embassy and it will take 5 days. Go for it!


Tickets and Wanderlust –

Once again it was an impulsive trip for me. I had nothing planned. Booked the flight tickets and a hostel called The Backpack.

The flight is about 10 hours long (Direct) and about 13 hours with one stop. It will cost you anything between – AED 3000 to AED 5000.

The currency is Rand and you will get 3.60 Rands for 1 Dirham.



Backpack and Stories –

I’ve travelled quite a bit and this is what I spend all my money on. I want to travel more. To obvious places, to tough places. I want to travel to learn. I’ve met locals, tourists and travellers. There is a big difference between travellers and tourists.

This story is about two travellers and very young ones from Germany. I was staying in this really cheap yet very decent hostel in Cape Town called The Backpack. I was greeted with some really big smiles. I entered my room and saw two people snoring away to glory. I walked in trying to be as quite as possible. It didn’t work.

“Hey bro! I am Flo and she is my sister Sabina” – The guy said in his sleepy voice. Thank god he mentioned it before I got other ideas. I introduced myself and asked them if they wanted to party?

One thing about Sabina – She would always say NO in the beginning for everything and Flo would be up for anything. Our first night we went out to party on Long Street. The best place to hang out and have a good time in South Africa. We played some ice breaking games and made a fool out of ourselves several times.

*Cutting straight to the point*

Sabina was 19 years old and her elder brother was 23 and they both were travelling together. Staying in hostels, doing safaris, spending their nights in tree houses, climbing mountains etc.

This is where I thought our culture needs a change. How often do we see desi siblings travelling together? Apart from family holidays? I am sure no desi parent would allow a 19-year-old girl to take a break for a year from her studies and travel the world.

Now telling you a little bit about Flo – This guy was not only up for anything but also very flamboyant. When I was leaving for South Africa a lot of people told me – be very careful at night, it’s not safe, you might get mugged and stuff. This happened with him. He got robbed the night before I landed. In this situation most of us would not go out or walk on the same streets, he did that. He was like it happens and it can happen anywhere in the world.

What I am trying to say here is – Desi Parents should allow their kids to travel alone. Let them learn about other cultures and way of living, let them meet people who speak different languages, let them learn things the hard way. Trust me, I am very lucky to have a mom who allowed me to do all of the above. Make them street smart, let them see a different perspective of life. Watch the video for more on Flo and Sabina.


Been There Done That –

There is a lot to do in Cape Town and if you’re an adventure junkie this place is heaven for you. I am going to tell you some of the must things you should do in Cape Town and how much will they cost you.

Table Mountain – IT IS A MUST! You will thank me later. It’s one of the new seven wonders of nature and it is the most iconic landmark of South Africa. It is also the country’s most photographed attraction and its famous cable car took millions of people to its top. It will cost you R240 for a return ticket. Here’s the reason why it’s the most photographed attraction –




Diving with the great white sharks – If you want a bit of adventure in your life then without even thinking twice, book this experience. It will cost you about AED 550 and this is the best part – If you don’t spot any great whites then you get a full refund.


Full day tour to the Cape Point – It’s a long drive to the Cape Point and if you got a good tour guide then he will show you around and make a lot of pit stops. Enjoy a scenic drive along the picturesque Atlantic coastline from Cape Town to Cape Point. See the historical lighthouse at Cape Point and the famous Cape of Good Hope sign. All of this will cost you anywhere between AED 250-300.




Bo Kaap – Either you can walk by yourself in this absolutely stunning colorful Islamic district of Cape Town or you can take a free walking tour from the Green Market Square. Why is it so colorful? Well, it has a lot of theories.

  • The colors determined different professions of the residents. OR
  • People could identify their own houses from a distance. OR
  • After Apartheid people wanted to celebrate their individuality.

Choose whichever theory you like and take a walk around this area.


For more watch the video. Happy Travels.

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