Bubble Soccer with Sid and Malavika


Every week we try a new, fun, non-mall thing to do in Dubai and this week it was Bubble Soccer. Imagine playing soccer wrapped in bubble wrap!

What? Bubble soccer is an awesome game created by a Norwegian dude who created this crazy game that went viral on Youtube. Imagine a big indoor football field with nets all around. Imagine one yellow football in the middle. Now imagine playing soccer with your buddies WRAPPED IN A PLASTIC BUBBLE. Its ridiculous, its funny and you will laugh your heart out! Bubble soccer is a real game. With real rules and a real referee. That’s what makes it even MORE ridiculous!

Where: Bubble Soccer UAE is in Al quoz about 3 minutes from the Manara rd exit, no 43. Check out their website for directions.

How much: They usually charge 120 AED a head for an hour.

Advice: Take a big group along and wear knee pads. Anything else? : Well, they also have table tennis areas and space for team building exercises and children’s parties !

Check it out

For more info visit bubblesoccer.ae

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